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Industri@GREaT is Mohe's industry repository that collects industry or government agency information verified by KPT. This system is provided to help make it easier for industry and agencies to share job information and industry training between IPT, MOHE and industry.

Advantages of being registered with Industri@GREaT

Graduate Track Industry - JobMatching@GREaT

JobMatching is an initiative to collect related data from industry or government agencies in collaboration with Mohe data sharing for the needs of the national labor market.


Offers Industrial Training - LI@GREaT

LI@GREaT is an initiative to the industry to offer industrial training placements to IPT students to complete the students before facing the challenges of the real career world.


Apprenticeship Cooperation between UA and Industry

Apprenticeship is a collaborative program between IPT and industry to provide work experience opportunities to increase knowledge and skills to improve marketability.