Graduates looking for job need not have to register at JobMatching@GREaT – MOHE

PUTRAJAYA,. Graduates who are looking for a job do not have to register for job application through JobMatching@GREaT as the existing information in the Graduate Tracking Survey System (SKPG) will be automatically matched with the vacancies offered by the industry or company.

The Higher Education Ministry (MOHE), in a statement today, said that if the graduates are eligible and meet the criteria set by the industry or company, they will be shortlisted and called for an interview.

The statement was issued PT in response to a claim which was viralled on the social media that graduates have to register through JobMatching@GREaT to get a job.

JobMatching@GREaT, which was launched on Sept 28, 2020, is a job matching module using SKPG data to identify graduates who have not yet found a job.

The system automatically matches the graduates’ qualifications with careers using multicriteria screening and ranking methods.

According to the MOHE, the system, which uses the tagline ‘Graduate Tracking Industry’, makes it easier for the industry or company to track graduates who have not yet found a job without having to apply for a job.